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Tony Blair Peace Envoy (!?!?!?!?)

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By Ben Cohen

Is Tony Blair's new job as a peace envoy to the Middle East, and religion lecturer at Yale University not the most ridiculous thing you have ever heard?

Blair was appointed chief war monger for Europe by George Bush, and helped sell two illegal invasions of sovereign nations during his time in office. The death and mayhem he helped unleash in the Middle East should automatically discount him from having anything to do with the region, but somehow, 'Teflon Tony' is back doing what he does best.

Lecturing the world on religion and globalisation is Blair's pet hobby, and he is relishing the opportunity to spread his ideals wherever he can go. He doesn't have the weapons to enforce it this time, but Blair has found his audience at Yale and amongst Arab dictators and looks supremely satisfied with his new religious calling.

While we're at it, perhaps Osama Bin Laden should be employed by Havard to give lectures on the trappings of modernity, and sent to Texas as an ambassador of 'Peace and International Understanding.'