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My First and Last Sarah Palin Post

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By Peter Bauer

So here's the deal:  Every minute we spend exposing Sarah Palin as an under experiencedliar is one minute we spend taking the spotlight away from John McCain.  The blogosphere has done an outstanding job vetting her candidacy as a fraud and a sham, but it's time to move on.  McCain's poll numbers are moving back down after his initial Palin bump, and with less than two months left in the campaign it's time to refocus our efforts.

The nomination of Sarah Palin is nothing more than a political stunt.  Period.  It's time to move on.

Palin was nominated to appeal to women who felt disenfranchised by the nomination Obama instead of Clinton, but come on, who really bought that anyway?  How dumb do they think women are?  "Oh look!  She's a woman, and I'm a woman, so I guess I'll vote for her despite the fact that Palin is fundamentally different on every policy issue that Clinton supports." Give me a break.

This isn't an election where we have two candidates who promise essentially the same thing.  This isn't "a lesser of two evils" election.  There are actually two distinct choices in this election, and it sickens me that John McCain is running a campaign based on hollow lies and the notion that he is some sort of Maverick.  He isn't; he's Bush III.  The blogosphere needs to remember this and refocus.

In no way do I believe that Obama is the perfect candidate.  It's been demonstrated that he's been loaded up with corporate money.  However, I do believe that every minute we spend talking about Sarah Palin is a minute that could be spend exposing John McCain for who he really is, and what kind of leader he will be. 

Enough of the tabloid business already.  Move on, focus McCain, and let's do what we do best. 

Now here's a some music to get you going.  Blog On!