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Is Rush Limbaugh Going To Lose Another Race For The GOP?

Sen. Obama is now using the words of Republican booster Rush Limbaugh in an ad targeted at hispanic voters. It's hard for the GOP to distance themselves from Limbaugh - this is a show the president, vice president, and president's brother go on consistently. He keeps the hardest of the hard core base mainlined on conservative bull and misinterpretation of the facts for 4 hours a day, 5 days a week. For many, he is the GOP.

In 2006, Limbaugh went after Michael J. Fox's Parkinsons disease because Fox advocated for Claire McCaskill. The backlash probably helped McCaskill to win her senate seat.

Limbaugh has admitted that he carries water for the Republicans, and nothing would be better for his show's content than a Democratic president.

Perhaps we need to send him some roses after election day?