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The Republican party is holding a rally for minorities.
The Republican party is holding a rally for minorities... in Virginia.
The Republican party is holding a rally for minorities in Virginia... hosted by George "Macaca" Allen.


They're predicting 1,000 attendees and while past performance is no indicator of future growth, this does not bode well for this "outreach":

Two events last week had sparse turnout, offering little evidence that the voice is growing stronger. To announce the weekend rally, county Republicans held a news briefing at which organizers representing seven ethnic groups explained their efforts to boost minority turnout. But all were steadfast Republican volunteers -- not examples of newly minted Republican voters.

Later, the Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Virginia, Latinas for McCain, Hispanic Veterans for McCain and local Hispanic leaders gathered to endorse McCain for president. About 15 people participated in the event, which was held at the Tower Club in Tysons Corner -- and not in one of Fairfax's commercial or residential enclaves, such as Annandale or Baileys Crossroads, known for their concentrations of ethnic minorities.