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According to Sarah Palin, having seen Alaksa from Russia qualifies as foreign policy experience

So Sarah Palin was interviewed by ABC's Charlie Gibson. Gibson ,to his great credit, was not only not hackish but genuinely tried to probe her understanding of her own party's history and positions as well as her world view.  At one point he asked why being near Russia counts as foreign policy experience. 

Her answer (and this is the only line so there is no other context to reference):  "They're our next door neighbors.  You can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska."   Huh.  That's interesting.  So I guess technically I am a qualified astronaut because I can see space from land.  Or maybe I'm qualified to be a doctor because I've seen hospitals.  Perhaps I should be an architect because I have seen buildings, or an engineer because I've seen machines, or even a clothing designer cause, ya know, I've had the good fortune to see clothes.  Also technically doesn't that qualify every Alaskan to deal with Russia?

As a serious answer to a serious question, it ranks up there with the great policy errors like W's "more and more of our imports come from overseas."
The fact is that I have lived in several different countries and the
fact the you have visited a place or even spent time somewhere does not mean you
are qualified to conduct serious diplomatic relations with them.
Having seen it from 50 miles away across the Bering Strait does not
only not qualify one to hold any office other than nature photographer,
the fact the that was her actual answer means she does not have the
judgment to realize that, talking points be damned, it is an insult to
the intelligence of every person who has genuine concern for the future
of this nation.  It is shocking and appalling to me that such an
individual is seriously being touted as having genuine foreign policy
experience, and doubly bad that after two weeks they have not been able
to either give her a better script or at least teach her better
obfuscation skills.

She should not have said it, and the fact that she did speaks
volumes for her judgment.  No serious individual, whether they're from
a small town or a big city, will be able to take seriously such a silly
and air-headed remark.  If she continues like this we're in for a

Honeymoon's over.