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SCANDALOUS: Republicans in Michigan to challenge voters whose homes have been lost in the mortgage crisis

The Republicans of Macomb County, Michigan have already begun their voter suppression efforts, not really even trying to conceal what they are doing.  The real crime is that they are going to use notices of foreclosure to challenge voters at the polls.  In other words, if you live in Macomb County and you have lost your house or are in the process of losing it, they will challenge your right to vote based upon the fact that you are not a legal resident of that district. 
This is the most dispcable act I have ever heard of in even the history of voter suppression.  It should be the top story on every newscast in America, yet I doubt it will even see the light of day on most channels.  Please email the new progressive voice on MSNBC Rachel Maddow at and ask her to cover this crucial issue as no one else with a major media outlet will.
This story from the Michigan Messenger
talks about the GOP officials who are committing a crime against
people whose lives their economic policies have already ruined.  It is
a shameful and dispicable act, and those who are involved should be
called out for their shockingly epic failure of leadership.