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Sarah Palin is all image

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By Ben Cohen

If Sarah Palin has any substance to her, we've not seen it. It is entirely possible that she does, but the Republican party has deliberately cast her as a vapid ex beauty pageant to divert attention from the fact they have absolutely zero policy proposals.

Palin's speeches this week have consisted of a series of lies, half truths and well timed gags, with her party standing behind her with a sledge hammer waiting to batter anyone who dares question her authenticity.

The GOP has created an aura of danger around Palin, portraying her cleverly as the mom from round the corner who bakes cookies and speaks her good ol' small town mind. You can't say anything bad about her because she's got 5 kids, and you can't ask her any hard questions because she's pretty and charming. It's the perfect recipe to shift the focus away from anything meaningful, and the Democrats are paying a huge price for it.

With the economy collapsing, two failed wars, global warming and poverty, the media would rather talk about Moose Hunting than real issues. Sarah Palin is a knee jerk Bush style Republican with literally nothing to offer in terms of serious policy. The Republicans know it, and they love it.