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I knew it was Dallas!

By Ari Rutenberg

Last night during Sarah Palin's official RNC bio I though they had a half-speed version of the theme from the 80's TV series Dallas playing in the background.  Now that the bio is on Youtube, it has been confirmed.  It really boggles the mind.  For a group that wants to distance themselves from big oil and George Bush, the theme song from a show about corrupt, sex-addicted, murderous Texan oil men does not seem like the best fit. 

After watching some highlights I also have to wonder if all of the speeches were written by the same team, because they certainly sounded like it.  And the boundless creativity of their sloganeers never ceases to amaze. 

Not only have they stolen at least 2 lines directly from Obama,
first 'change we can believe in', and now the 'its not that he doesn't
care, he just doesn't get it' line from Obama's acceptance speech.
Yeah, once or twice is mockery but when you say it over and over and put
it in the talking points it becomes another empty slogan, which is too
bad because Obama actually means it when he says them.  And now their
doing it to their own slogan.  The 'maverick' thing is gonna lose
whatever power it may have had because they're just throwing it out
there.  They use it 3 times in the first 30 second of the Palin bio.
Don't they realize that when your slogan has been co-opted by the
political party, you can no longer be considered a maverick?  And
bringing frequent attention to that fact may not be the best tactic. 

Whats with the dissing on community organizers...don't they do
things for free that otherwise would have to be paid for by our taxes?
Therefore aren't they an example of service, which is the theme of this
convention, and of a good deal for the tax payer?  Do the Republicans
know, or care, what their own party platform is based on?