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GOP Senate Campaign Committee Pulls Out Of New Mexico

For the ten millionth time, this election is about individual states.

Republicans' Senate campaign arm called off television ads Tuesday that were to air in New Mexico in the run-up to Election Day, an indication that it's leaving the GOP candidate there to fend for himself as the party braces for losses.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee's decision to cancel the New Mexico spots reflects its priorities during a tough year for the GOP, with the party lagging badly in fundraising and resigned to losing seats in the Senate.

New Mexico has been moving in Sen. Obama's direction. In 2004, Bush won New Mexico. I also feel it is worth noting that New Mexico has a large Hispanic population and we were told by the punditocracy that because Sen. Obama did not do well among Hispanics during the primary, John McCain (who, by the way, was a POW) would swoop in and take those voters. That seems to not have happened.