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Change for the Sake of Change: Subjectivity vs. Definition

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By Rick Lucke

Change is not necessarily good; a simple truth too easily forgotten when the status quo has been so bad for so long, but change merely means to become different; it does not specify whether or not it will become better, nor does it specify difference from what. McCain speaks of bringing change. The problem with McCain's claim of bringing change is that he represents those who do not WANT change – CONSERVATIVES. That title conveys this simple truth. Conservatives are those who have implemented and supported the very policies and institutions from which the majority citizenry wants change.

Regarding protesters at the convention the New York Times reports,
“Their signs were quickly ripped from their hands, and they were
carried out of the arena as the crowd shouted, 'U.S.A.! U.S.A.!'”
McCain responded, “Please don’t be diverted by the ground noise and the
static.” In McCain's view, voices of the majority are “ground noise and
static” to be ignored, and journalists such as Amy Goodman and her cameramen should be arrested
for merely attempting to convey reality to the general public. This is
indicative of the “change” McCain's team represents. McCain's change is
not change from the failures and abuses of the past eight years, but a
FURTHER CONTINUATION of the “change” those failures and abuses
represent. The Founding Fathers would be appalled at such oppression
after having fought a revolution to escape the same, not to mention
their providing constitutional protections against exactly this sort of
tyrannical treatment of citizens.

McCain said, “We never hide from history. We make history.” Obviously, hiding from history and ignoring
history are different actions; one must acknowledge history to hide
from it. McCain's stance on the Iraq war shows a clear dismissal of
hundreds of years of historical lessons regarding military occupation
of foreign countries. Also, McCain's steadfast adherence to failed, and
rejected, economic philosophies further exposes ignorance of history,
as well as the deceptive nature of McCain's use of the word “change”.
Merely making history is not worthy of America, nor is merely
referencing “change”; the quality of both, the history and the change
made, is at issue. Those who aspire to lead nations, but who do not
learn from historical records of catastrophic miscalculations and
misdeeds, are not worthy of leading, nor of defining “change” when the
change that is needed requires understanding past errors.

empty rhetoric was little more than a echo of Bush's claims of being “a
uniter, not a divider”, which if we are not to “hide from history”, was
maliciously deceitful. As the New York Times says:

McCain defined bipartisanship as not only working with the opposite
party but being prepared to work against his own, even though he is aligned with Mr. Bush on two of the biggest issues facing the country: the Iraq war and the economy. [Emphasis added]

“aligned with Mr. Bush on two of the biggest issues facing the country”
does not represent “change” from the current direction America is
headed. Given that the majority of Americans want “change” from the
current direction America is headed, which necessarily includes the
economic policies and the Iraq war, it is difficult to conclude
logically that McCain can realistically represent the specific change
that America needs and wants.

Regarding the Republican Party, McCain said,
““We were elected to change Washington, and we let Washington change
us.” Hopefully, most Americans will recognize that it was not that
Washington changed the Republican Party, but rather that the elected
Republican representatives changed America, not for the better, but
from what it once represented into what it should oppose; tyranny,
oppression, and torture. Along that path, McCain joined those
Republican representatives; he did not oppose them. It is logically,
reasonably impossible to conclude that McCain might represent ANY
MEANINGFUL change from the cataclysmic destruction and dismantling of
constitutional protections the past eight years have wrought on America.