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The Mostly White Republicans

One of the reasons the GOP speeches from the last couple nights and likely Thursday night will look so alien to the rest of normal America is that the GOP makes snow look diverse by comparison. The GOP is talking to themselves -- and not much to anybody else.

Obama's "strategy is, 'If I can just deliver the votes that I know exist, whether it's in the minority community or the youth,' or whatever the coalition is that he's got . . . 'then I can win this election,' " Davis said. "We can run our campaign the way we want to run it and not be in direct conflict with a lot of voter groups he is trying to get."

The look in the convention hall is similar to that of a typical McCain event. This summer, for instance, 67 people showed up for one of his town hall meetings in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. One of them was black.

The lack of diversity is out of sync with the demographic changes in the United States. The Census Bureau reported last month that racial and ethnic minorities will make up a majority of the country's population by 2042 -- almost a decade earlier than what the bureau predicted just four years ago. Two-thirds of Americans are non-Hispanic whites, 12.4 percent are black and 14.8 percent are Hispanic, according to 2006 census numbers.

What has helped Republicans is that working-class whites, a bloc they rely on, are more likely to vote than other groups. "But if there is a loss this time, and it is attributed to a smaller and smaller base of white voters, there might be a rethinking" of GOP strategy, said Robert E. Lang, co-director of Virginia Tech's Metropolitan Institute, which studies demographics and other development patterns.

As a Democrat it is pretty heartening to hear the GOP simply writing off non-white voters. This is a country that is increasingly becoming less white, day by day. If your message is targeted to one monoculture, and your noise machine largely run by that monoculture, you have no way of knowing how out of touch you are. Most Republican pols and conservatives simply have no true gauge for when they're speaking in an exclusionary manner. It's natural. For the Democratic party to exist it must appeal to all races - period. It's no coincidence that most minorities in federal office are Democrats and the few times the Republicans try to dress up their monoculture policies in the guise of a minority they suffer double digit defeats like Michael Steele (Steele lost the black vote 74% to 25%).

The Republicans, even more than in the past, have decided to get their monochromatic base motivated to the exclusion of everyone else. Heck, they put the wife of a separatist on the ticket! I don't know if that's going to be the key to their failure this go-around (their anti-Hispanic tirades sure didn't help in 2006), but it isn't going to help - and in the near future it is going to be a disaster. I'm okay with that, but then... I'm a Democrat.