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Romney Talking Out Of His #%$

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By Ben Cohen

Out of all the Republican speeches at their convention, Mitt Romney delivered perhaps the most disingenuous, malicious pile of garbage so far. The phoney Reagan look-alike spent 20 minutes bashing 'Washington', calling it liberal, and arguing McCain and Palin would offer 'real change'.

His entire argument was so specious, even he didn't really believe it.

Romney's main points:

1. Washington is Liberal. Activist judges,Teacher's Union's destroying education, out of control spending.
2. Democrats want to destroy the economy with higher taxes and more regulation
3. Democrats won't call 'Islamic Terrorists' evil.
4. Democrats want to lose the war in Iraq

To stand in front of a national audience and claim that Washington is liberal, that Republicans will bring change, and that Democrats are responsible for mounting debt requires something quite special. And Romney has it in abundance: Absolutely no shame.

Romney is clearly promoting himself for the Republican choice in 2012, sucking up to the core of his party and using every slander, mistruth and fabrication in the GOP handbook. The fact that Romney doesn't believe what he is saying (as a successful business man, he simply cannot be that stupid), means his party wont buy it either. For that reason, he won't be the front runner should McCain lose this time round (the GOP requires ideologues who believe their own bullshit), but he may get another shot at VP. With performances like that though, it's hopefully the last we've seen on Mitt 'Strength' Romney on a national stage.

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