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Palin's grand daughter a non issue

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By Ben Cohen

The news that Sarah Palin's daughter is pregnant has been making the rounds in the liberal blogosphere. For the knee jerk left, it's ammunition to help prove that Palin is a bad parent, not fit for command, and not the christian she professes to be.

I have no idea whether Palin is a good parent or not. I don't particularly care. She may not be the Christian she professes to be (and most politicians aren't), but again, it is none issue.

The fact is, she is not fit to be vice president because she doesn't know much about Iraq, doesn't believe in evolution, and has little to no experience in foreign policy. Her daughter's pregnancy has nothing to do with policy, and the knee jerk lefties are doing what Rush Limbaugh etc does on a regular basis - assassinate people's character, not their politics. It's immoral, bad strategy, and symptomatic of a political culture that values image over substance. They should cut it out. Now.