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We Must Stop Coal Burning. NOW

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By Ben Cohen

Coal is the most carbon intensive fossil fuel on the planet, and if we want to stop global warming, we must stop burning it. As George Monbiot explains, it is a matter of immediate urgency, and a massive public campaign must be mounted to raise awareness. The future of the planet is literally at stake, and it deserves our undivided attention:

As soon as I have finished this column I will jump on the train to
Kent. Last year Al Gore remarked: "I can't understand why there aren't
rings of young people blocking bulldozers and preventing them from
constructing coal-fired power plants." Like hundreds of honorary young
people, I am casting my Zimmer frame aside to answer the call.

now hinges on stopping coal. Whether we prevent runaway climate change
largely depends on whether we keep using the most carbon-intensive
fossil fuel. Unless we either leave it - or the carbon dioxide it
produces - in the ground, human development will start spiralling
backwards. The more coal is burnt, the smaller are our chances of
future comfort and prosperity. The industrial revolution has gone into
reverse. Keep reading...