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"Uppity Watch" Begins Now

In this campaign we are likely to see conservatives and Republicans pushing - in ways both implicit and explicit - that the problem with Sen. Obama is that he's an uppity black who has gotten too big for his britches. Already, MSNBC's Pat Buchanan has twice dipped his toe into those Klanesque waters.

On Morning Joe, Pat Buchanan praised an attack ad by the McCain campaign that refers to Sen. Barack Obama as "The One" and said the ad "goes right to an enormous vulnerability that Barack has created for himself with his grandiosity." Echoing a comment he made last week, Buchanan said: "The question's now becoming, 'Who does this guy think he is?' ... I think that is the real question."

Of course, as a guy who has been rapped in the past for expressing revisionist history and an admiration for Hitler, we must ask who the frack does Pat Buchanan think he is offering up his opinion on anything unchallenged?