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The MSM finally calls out McCain's lies

Its about time the mainstream media started calling out McCain on his lies.  They have for too long simply cut him slack because of his military service and gregariousness with the Washington press corps.  But even they have to admit the his recent conduct, in military terms, is behavior unbecoming of a senior United States Senator and self-pronounced gentleman and public servant.  And as much as the media want to cover for McCain's incompetence, even Newsweek columnist Jonathan Alter has had to question if McCain really is who he claims to be.

From Newsweek via Crooks and Liars:

This is hardly the nastiest campaign in recent memory. But it's not
shaping up as the "civil" contest that both candidates promised either.
Instead, we're seeing the emergence of a "smear gap". John McCain making stuff up about Barack Obama, and Obama trying to figure out how hard he should hit back.

usual, news organizations are deeply afraid to say that one side is
more negative than the other. Doing so sounds "unfair." It's much
easier, and less controversial, to say that "both candidates" are being
negative. That would be "balanced", but also untrue.

of the wonders of the Web is that it's now possible for neutral
observers to determine the truth or falsity of various attacks, and to
have that information instantly available to anyone. The best arbiter
which is sponsored by the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the
University of Pennsylvania (Disclosure: has a partnership
with If you don't believe me about the smear gap, check
their analyses of campaign ads.       

has negative ads airing in more than a dozen states below the radar of
the national media. One ad, in Ohio, links McCain to the 8,200 lost
jobs at DHL, the German-owned overnight delivery service. That goes too
far. McCain's support for a merger involving DHL hardly makes him
culpable for the job loss. But overall, and to his credit, Obama has
not engaged in anywhere near the number of falsehoods as McCain.

about a month, McCain's campaign has been resorting to charges that are
patently false. When Obama traveled abroad in July, to positive
reviews, McCain decided he had to make attack ads that went far beyond
the norm. In the past, plainly deceptive ads were the province of the
Republican National Committee or the Democratic National Committee or
independent committees free to fling mud that didn't bear the
fingerprints of candidates. But not this time. These smears come
directly from the candidate.

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