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The hubris of power

By Ari Rutenberg

Nancy Pelosi spoke at the American Jewish University in Los Angeles yesterday.  She must have no contact with real people because when some of the audience got angry and started asking critical question, she reacted in the most arrogant and callous manner I can imagine for someone who oversees a body with a 9% approval rating.  Rather than taking seriously the calls for impeachment, or even displaying the slightest hint of awareness of how strongly many people feel about this, given the level of crimes Bush has committed, she simply dismissed them and gave some non-answer about how Bush only has one hundred days left.  Since when does the end of your job release you from criminal culpability?  It would be like the french trader from Societe General who lost them billions avoiding criminal charges because he quite before they can be filed.  I am supprting Cindy Sheehan, even though I do not get to vote in that district.  The Democrats forget who put them in Congress.  It is not the middling center that generates millions of dollars and tens fo thousands of dedicated grass roots workers to help get the vote out for these people.  But instead of simply whining, we are putting better candidates up.  Pelosi thinks that she gets a get out of jail free card becuase they put a D after her name instead of and R.  What she forgets is that the left is not about loyalty to party.  We will not accept corruption, ineptitude, and spinelessness that Pelosi has offered us simply becuase she claims to share our political loyalty.  We demand actions: proof that these leaders understand that they were elected to protect us from the insanity of Bushco.  Instead we get constant capitulation in the name of bipartisanship and then we're told that we are the ones with a problem because; a) we want our leaders to keep the promises they make when elected, or at least make a real go of it and; b)we want the constitution to be apllied in all circumstances, not simply the politically expedient ones.

Check it out, via Crooks and Liars

She seems genuinely surprised by people's anger...maybe she needs to get out more