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That Zogby Poll

You would think some people slept through the last year the way they're reacting to the just released Zogby poll showing a 5% "lead" for McCain.

Let's go go the tape:

Georgia Primary

Zogby: 48% Obama 28% Clinton
Reality: 66% Obama 31% Clinton

New Jersey Primary

Zogby: 43% Clinton 42% Obama
Reality: Clinton 53% Obama 43%

California Primary

Zogby: Clinton 41% Obama 45%
Reality: Clinton 52% Obama 45%

And on and on. It's not that Zogby has a bias for or against one candidate, it's not that his polling favors one or the other... it's just that Zogby's polling ain't very good. In all likelihood the race nationally is even with probably a slight favoring of Obama, but the freaking out from people is really without serious merit.

Of course, I think it's best when the press and the right underestimates Sen. Obama.