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Picking Palin? More Of The Same


So, even with the MSM obsessing over the made up Obama-Clinton division in the Democratic party (anybody notice that not a single voice was out of sync in the past week, no matter how hard the MSM tried to squeeze blood from stone), John McCain still has a significant gap when it comes to women voters.

So he picks Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin, currently under investigation, who said she doesn't know what a vice president does, a creationist and an anti-choice hardliner. They keep trying to make these silly call-outs to Clinton voters, but can anyone seriously put Sen. Clinton's stature next to Palin's with a straight face? Plus, the Republican party spent 16 years putting down Sen. Clinton, now they care about her place in history? Please.

Even worse, the whole selling point on the Obama/Biden ticket is that Sen. Obama has the judgement to be president and commander-in-chief while Biden has the experience and breadth of knowledge to back him up. McCain doesn't have the temperament or judgement, even with a quarter century in Washington, while Palin's claim to fame seems to be Alaskan corruption and winning a beauty pageant.