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Obama Birth Certificate Issue: So Ridiculous

The madness

Some skeptics point to the lack of an official state seal on the birth certificate posted on the Obama campaign Web site.

But seals often are placed on the back of the birth certificate, Okubo said, 'and whether it shows through depends on how much force was put into it.'

Others wonder why a large black rectangle appears next to the words, 'CERTIFICATE NO.'

'The thing that's redacted is just our file number,' she said. 'Potentially, if you have that number, you could break into the system.'

Health officials contacted the Obama campaign a few months ago in response to the persistent inquiries 'to see if they could try and resolve the issue with the people who were asking questions,' she said.

'They responded and apparently it isn't good enough that he posted his birth certificate,' Okubo said. 'They say they want it because they claim he is not a citizen of the United States. It's pretty ridiculous.'