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More Proof That One Should Never Listen To Andrew Sullivan

I don't care if the guy is an Obama supporter (for the moment). He posted some of the most vile attacks on the left after 9/11 from a mainstream pundit and never made a mea culpa for them. Furthermore, he was an "A-list" cheerleader for the Iraq War. The main problem with Andrew Sullivan is that the's prone to crushes. When a teen or pre-teen has a crush, they lose all objectivity and consider the object of their affection as Christ-like. The problem is that at some point those screaming 12-year olds aren't going to like Hannah Montana any more. Which is fine for a pre-teen, but it produces this sort of analysis when a political pundit echoes the sentiment.

Since Obama's hubris in Berlin, he has lost almost every cycle of this campaign, and lost all of them quite badly.

No of course the only people who saw hubris in Berlin are the same whack-jobs who think it's a major scandal that Sen. Obama took his shirt off to go swimming. That is to say, the same conservative and Republican cranks who are wrong about everything under the sun. Sullivan is pathologically unable to assess a situation objectively. Its fine to have allegiances (I clearly do) but facts are facts. The idea that Sen. Obama is in some kind of melodramatic tailspin is as ludicrous as the media-pushed idea earlier this year that Sen. Clinton's poor answer on illegal alien driver's licenses had doomed her campaign. Well, maybe it did ... just millions of votes later. Sheesh.