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Kerry Gives Best Speech So Far

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By Ben Cohen

I trundled out to New Mexico in 2004 to try and help 'swing' the state towards John Kerry, and did so only because I knew how tragically dangerous the Bush Administration was. I thought Kerry was a boring, say-nothing middle of the road Democrat who only got his parties nomination because he was a pair of safe hands. I knocked door to door and held banners in the street for a few days praying he would win the election, and praying most of all that we would see some fire from the Vietnam Veteran.

It never came, and Kerry lost the election resoundingly.

However, this year, with nothing on the line, Kerry delivered the most withering and impressive speech of his career at the Democratic Convention, slamming George Bush and John McCain and making a forceful argument for Barack Obama. Where on earth was this guy back in 2004?

Watch below: