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Biden the Imperialist

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By Ben Cohen

Here's an interesting interview with Joe Biden on his foreign policy views. The Senator is clearly extremely educated on foreign policy matters, but his ideology is essentially imperialistic. He believes that America has the right to intervene when it chooses, regardless of international law. It's smarter, more nuanced, and a lot more practical than the current ideology, but it still represents an arrogance that the rest of the world finds offensive.

"I made a very controversial speech in 1994 saying I believe
countries forfeit their sovereignty when they engage in certain
activities, genocide being one of those activities, harboring terrorist
organizations with the knowledge that they are doing damage to other
nations. I was roundly criticized by the foreign-policy establishment
in my party for that at the time, and ironically by the Republicans.
When I introduced legislation here to give the president authority to
use force in Kosovo the people who blocked it were the conservative
Republicans and if you go back and look at their argument it was the
sovereignty of Yugoslavia -- we had no right to intervene.

So I think one of the things that has happened in the debate within
my party, my team has won. And that is there is no longer nor should
there remain the standard for use of force that pertained from the
Vietnam War until the time that we lost the election in 2000. and there
is an emerging change in the standard. even Kofi Annan two years later
came along and by inference acknowledged that an international body
cannot allow genocide to take place in a nation. We were still arguing
Democrats and Republicans, or the bulk of them were still on the side
of the equation different than the one I was promoting."