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Hack Watch: Norah O'Donell

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By Ben Cohen

While watching the Democratic Convention, I've been switching between MSNBC and C-SPAN to alleviate some of the boredom, and I'm fast becoming a fan of the comment free public channel. As Jon Stewart has pointed out, the mainstream media's coverage of the event has been pretty pathetic, regurgitating campaign talking points instead of doing serious journalism.

The analysis of the event seems more like sports commentators discussing the line up for a major game rather than looking at some of the pressing issues present in the campaign (and there are quite a few).

It is Norah O'Donell that I am developing a particular irritation with, as she literally recycles every bit of conventional wisdom known to campaign politics.

"I think Michelle Obama needs to define herself"

"Michelle Obama needs to introduce herself to the American people"

"The Democrats are trying to present a unified front"

"Barack Obama needs to broaden his appeal"

If she repeats one more bland, meaningless statement I'm going to throw my computer at the TV screen. Seriously though, why do they have to trivialize something so important? The Democratic convention is a big deal, especially given the times we live in. The convention showcases many Democrats from many different parts of the country with wildly different ideologies - progressive, centrist, and even right wing.

They do however, have one thing in common: Supporting Barack Obama, and making sure a Republican doesn't come in and do more damage to an already badly damaged country.

Norah O'Donell is doing her best to trivialize the event, and is therefore doing her bit to damage the country. Please, someone get her off the air.