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Can Any McCain Veep Choice Not Upset An Important Part Of The Base?

Sen. Obama picking Sen. Biden as his running mate didn't seriously rock the underlying structure of his campaign. Nobody has run around saying the pick was unacceptable or a serious detriment.

But the frontrunners for the veep spot on the GOP side all seem to have downsides that won't do much to boost the GOP base's spirits - especially leading into a convention where they will have to give airtime to one of the most unpopular presidents in American history.

* Romney: The religious right is suspicious of Mittens because he is a Mormon and has flip-flopped on abortion depending on the way the wind is blowing. Would bring 10 more homes to the GOP ticket. McCain seems to loathe him, but the GOP press loves him.

* Pawlenty: Mostly a snooze, and probably won't rock the boat. But that won't fire up anybody.

* Lieberman: Jewish, pro-choice.

* Ridge: Pro-choice.

* Kean: Pro-choice.

McCain needs an anti-choice pro-war Republican with supoort from the evangelicals and the corporate interests, but who is also popular with the party. Maybe McCain will embrace the "more of the same" mantle and just pick Bush to be his running mate.