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DNC Convention Day 1: The Picturing

So here are some shots from today. I got to go on the floor for about a half hour and its pretty insane. At any given moment you could run into Ed Rendell. Not, like "Oh hi Ed Rendell", but physically BAM Ed Rendell is on the floor and Oh My God who will bitch about MSNBC's coverage of Obama now?

I saw Bob Schieffer walking through the hallways with an entourage as if he were relevant, as well as Jeff Greenfield talking to someone in the hallway like he knows what he's talking about. I'm writing this from Nerd Central The Blogger Lounge, which is a row of wired up desks and some couches with way too bright lights. It is sort of a weird way to experience the convention, not quite as fake as tv, but not quite real enough to compete with reality. We'll see how it goes.

I know some hate when I make these kinds of observations, but Fox News' Megyn Kelly proved that in person, not everything is bad about Fox. On to the photographic nonsense (including the most ridiculous picture of Anderson Cooper ever):The religious far right continues to preach their message of love and inclusion

This gentleman's club demonstrates the mastery of targeted advertising

The convention center has a giant bear looking inside. I don't know why. But he could probably give Mothra a fight.

In this picture are more minorities than you will find at the RNC convention, besides the ones they bus in for t.v. And Michael Steele.

Hello, Megyn Kelly!

Hello again, Megyn Kelly!


Megyn Kelly found something funny. It must be funny.


You cannot stop Wolf Blitzer. You can only hope to contain him. Barely.

Does James Carville love Tim Kaine or Tim Kaine's eyebrow? Yes. Yes.

How many Democrats does it take to nominate a president? This many.

CNN's John King brought his stupid digital blackboard with him. Great.

David Gregory is Blue Steel

This stage will eat your DREAMS.

Congratulations, Oliver, you have taken the Dumbest Picture Of Anderson Cooper EVER.

Tim Kaine isn't actually looking at me. I hope.

This is the back of Ed Rendell's head.

No seriously, this stage is scaring me, I need something to make me feel better...

Needs more Megyn Kelly.