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Biden Bonafides

If anything, we can thank Joe Biden for being instrumental in preventing nutjob conservative Robert Bork from being on the Supreme Court.

Later, in closing the debate, the Judiciary Committee chairman said: ''This has been a great debate, a debate about fundamental principle, about how one interprets the Constitution.''

Senator Biden repeated the statement with which he opened Judge Bork's confirmation hearings last month, and which he has made a theme for the entire proceeding. ''I believe I have rights because I exist, in spite of my government, not because of my government,'' he said. ''Judge Bork believes that rights flow from the majority, through the Constitution to individuals, a notion I reject.''

UPDATE: Not surprisingly, the McCain campaign is selectively editing Sen. Biden's words. And the AP's Ron Fournier, who was approached to be a flack for John McCain, seems to still be auditioning for a job with Team McMansion.