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Woah...Dick Morris has lost a scary delusional way

So in this segment from Hannity and Colmes, Dick Morris actually tries to differentiate Russia's invasion of Georgia with our invasion of Iraq by saying that "where he's wrong is that we went into Iraq at the invitation of the government, not as an invasion."  To his credit, Colmes actually attempts to correct this nonsense, but to little avail.  I think Dick Morris must be crazy because at the least we went into Iraq in order to change the regime.  I doubt anyone with sufficient mental capactiy to care for themselves would believe an argument that essentially reads "we were invited by the Iraqi government to send our troops to the country in order to depose that very government and install one...what more willing to let us invade?  It just makes no sense...who the hell would invite some other nation's army to come depose them?  Wow Dick, I think its time for you to retire.
Video via crooksandliars: