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Dave "Mudcat" Saunders Is An Idiot And No Democrat Should Hire Him

In an interview with the London Times, political consultant and apparent snake oil salesman Dave "Mudcat" Saunders says the following:

“The Democrats talk of tolerance, but in reality the only tolerance they ever exhibit is for their own intellectual arrogance — and they don't have tolerance for my culture,” says Mudcat. “They think we're a bunch of hillbilly heathens who go out and burn crosses and do crazy bullshit. "

The article is accompanied by this picture:

Do you see, perhaps, why some of us may see folks like Saunders as knuckle-dragging dumbass hillbillies? The confederate flag is a flag flown in support of slavery. There's not really any way around that. You can go on at length about horsepuckey "southern pride" or whatever the b.s. du jour is, but at its core that flag stands for fond memories of keeping black people subhuman and in chains.

And Dave "Mudcat" Saunders sleeps under it. That should tell you pretty much all you need to know about where his stupid heart is.

I'm not privy to the details but Saunders worked on the campaigns of Mark Warner and Jim Webb in Virginia. We continue to live in the era of the big name political consultant who reaps the lion's share of the credit for victories, and maybe Saunders was the catalyst for those wins. But it may also be likely that demographic trends are what has been turning Virginia into a blue state -- and perhaps the wins of Warner and Webb were not confederate-loving Mudcat Saunders' doing, but the skill of the candidates and demographics. His supposed brilliance sure didn't seem to deliver for John Edwards in Iowa.

But frankly, Dave Mudcat Saunders could be the greatest political operative since Machiavelli, no Democrat should be working with a guy who sleeps with the confederate flag on his bed.

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