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How The McCains View Home Ownership: "So I Bought Another One"

The McCains are not like us and they don't want to do a thing to make it possible for the rest of us to come close to their lifestyle.

It turns out that a few months ago, a McCain family corporation closed on a second multi-million-dollar beach condo in exclusive Coronado, California, at around the same time that John McCain offered his somewhat tone-deaf observation that struggling homeowners were 'working at second jobs' and 'skipping a vacation' in order to make mortgage payments on time.

Cindy McCain discussed the timing of the second condo purchase in a June interview with Vogue magazine (not online) that's newly relevant in light of the explosive controversy over John McCain's inability to recall how many homes the McCains own.

And in another fun fact that could pour fuel on this controversy, Cindy told her interviewer that the reason they needed a second beach condo in the Coronado building was that the first was too crowded because her kids were staying there and as a result she 'couldn't get in the place.'

Cindy continued: 'So I bought another one.'

Conservatives like Jonah Goldberg don't get it.

If owning so many houses (or being married to an heiress) is a problem, I do hope someone asks Barack why he was so enthusiastic about John Kerry in 2004.

But you see, John Kerry, like many other wealthy Democrats before and after him, does not support the extension of Bush era economics that reward the super-rich without throwing a bone to middle class Americans. As Bill Clinton has often said:

"Everything has gone up and people have less money," Bill Clinton said. "They are broke. And meanwhile the government for the last seven years kept throwing tax cuts at people like me that didn't need it."

John McCain endorses economic policies that keep the wealthy like him in a class regular people increasingly have trouble breaking through to. Sen. Obama and the Democratic party support a rising tide that will allow more of us to buy a home... still less than McCain, but it's a start.