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By Peter Bauer

A few weeks ago at a local taco stand, the cashier asked me in a hushed tone if I'd ever heard of the FKN NEWZ.  When I said I hadn't, he told me it is like The Daily Show on steroids.  This was an understatement.

While The Daily Show tends to make fun of politicians, the FKN NEWZ questions everything.  Honestly, it made me a bit uncomfortable.  The host Deek Jackson is relentless, high energy, and passionate. 

I had to rewatch  a video called "Rapture Frenzy for Israel Iran Showdown" to try and make sense of what he was saying.  Basically, it encapsulates all of the ludicrous arguments for invading Iran.

I've included my notes from the six minute video, and encourage you to check it out.  If you like what you see, check out FKN NEWZ: Poverty For Slaves With Fake Oil Crisis or CAMPSITE EARTH RUN BY ASSHOLES TO BREED MORONS.

Afgan war profits

Consumer units

Fully automatic

Biblical Raptures- second coming of Christ

Bomb to stone age without retaliation

“Im lovin it”

Iran should not try to defend themselves from an unprovoked attack

National defense and self interest

Freedom and Peace- America’s free to do whatever it wants, and Israel gets a Piece of the action

“Business rips you off”


Oil profits for my friends

Ruling killing occupying and not improving their lives in any way at all

Military Super Power

“Comedy Half Truths”

“Ill informed rumour”

“totally biased”

gymp of corporate power