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Conservative Nonsense In The U.K - 'Free Markets Will Solve Poverty'

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By Ben Cohen

The worst part about the failed 'New Labour' project in the U.K is that it has given the Conservatives ample ammunition to discredit them. New Labour's failure to redress issues like poverty and inequality comes from their adoption of neo liberal economics, not because they avoided it. The Conservatives are now claiming that Labour's failures come from a lack of these policies - an incredible feat of deceit and shameless lying.

From the Guardian:

The battle lines of an autumn contest between the main political
parties are drawn today when the Tories deliver a blunt assessment that
Gordon Brown's main instrument for tackling poverty - the
redistribution of wealth - has failed.

In a Guardian article,
ahead of a speech on fairness, the shadow chancellor, George Osborne,
declares that free markets are the fairest way of rewarding people.

know that redistribution alone, as the sole policy tool to tackle
poverty, has failed," Osborne writes. "There are 900,000 more people in
severe poverty than in 1997 and child poverty has been rising for two
years in succession." Read more....