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Jewel Of Medina: Profile In Religious Stupidity


A US publisher has cancelled the publication of a novel about the youngest wife of the Muslim prophet Mohammed amid a growing controversy over the book.

'The Jewel of Medina,' a debut novel by journalist Sherry Jones about Mohammed's child bride A'isha had been due for release in the United States last week.

But publisher Random House released her from the contract amid the controversy and her agent said Jones is now looking for a publisher in another country to pick up the rights.

Look, pulling a book from publication because it might offend the religious sensitivity of some jackholes is antithetical to what books represent. I'm sick of the theocrats making the rest of society walk on eggshells around them. This current go around it has been Islam that's bitching, and the idea that the right way to respond to this is to declare jihad and whatnot is clear evidence of the dumb.