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Disappointment in Mbeki's Rainbow Nation

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Post-apartheid South Africa has numerous critics, the bulk of whom sit across the political divide from myself. Let me be honest, I am comfortable with the affirmative action or black economic empowerment programme that offends so many. It's tragic that yesterday's elites may be marginalised as a result but how else do we reverse 300 years of state sanctioned victimisation within an acceptable timeframe? I am, however, appalled by the ANC government's continual denialism. First, there was the embarrassing HIV/AIDS saga and today there is the refusal to address toxic negrophobia (xenophobia is to broad and inaccurate term) or to admit the poverty reduction failures of the liberal economic programme. For those of you who don't know, African migrants have been under attack in South African townships in recent months. To add insult to injury the government is in the process of closing the camps around Johannesburg populated by fleeing migrants, leaving them to an unclear but almost certainly violent fate. Steve Biko promised that in time the Black Consciousness Movement would be in a position to bestow on South Africa a more human face. Evidently, that day has not yet arrived.