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The Blogging Blues

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By Ben Cohen

I like to think of The Daily Banter as more than a blog. It is a labor of love, and a portal to what I believe is a wealth of interesting observations made by interesting people about the world we live in. I find blogging therapeutic, and strive to provide our readers with material worthy of their time.

Our traffic at The Daily Banter is not up there with the big boys (crooksandliars, truthdig, talkingpointsmemo etc) but it is respectable. We have an audience and are capable of drawing a sizable crowd when we post consistently good work.

But every now and then, I find it difficult to synthesize my thoughts and put them into blogging format. You could call it writers block, but I prefer 'Blogging Blues'. Blogging at its highest form is an art (if you want to see the best, check out Andrew Sullivan's blog at, and it requires attentiveness, research and a reasonable amount of effort. When you don't have one of these components, your blogging will suffer, and so too will your blog. Thankfully, there are some very talented bloggers at The Daily Banter, and my off days are more than compensated by members of 'Team Banter'.

As of right now, I am struggling to pay full attention to blogging, most likely due to too much writing, too much training (I kick box a lot) and too little sleep. So, I a taking a few days off, and will return when my brain can focus properly on the serious art of political blogging.

Adios, for now.