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Obama and McCain are no different

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By Ben Cohen

Matt Taibbi explains why both presidential candidates are knee deep in corporate money, and won't do a damn thing to change the system when they derive so much benefit from it.

We need more journalists like Taibbi, who can explain complex issues, simplify it, and cut through the bullshit to present it in understandable terms. The fact that his writing is hilarious helps to:

Overall, Obama is flat-out
kicking McCain's ass when it comes to Wall Street contributions,
raking in nearly $9 million from securities and investment
executives, compared to $6.2 million for McCain. Obama has received
more contributions from Goldman Sachs than from any other employer
— more than $627,000 at this writing — not to mention
$398,021 from JP Morgan Chase, $353,922 from Lehman Brothers and
$291,388 from Morgan Stanley. Even among hedge-fund executives, who
have an unequivocal interest in electing McCain, Obama is whipping
the Republican, collecting $500,000 more than McCain. All of which
begs the question: Why would corporate giants like these throw so
much weight behind a man who promises to strip them of billions in
tax breaks?
Sadly, the answer to that question increasingly appears to be
that Obama is, well, full of shit. Read full article....