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Bill Clinton To Speak At Convention, Water Still Wet

I'm a little puzzled at some of the reaction I've seen to the news that President Clinton is going to speak at the convention. Was there any thought that he wasn't going to? Whatever lingering bad feeling there may be from the primaries (and I count myself in that group of people who are still disappointed in him), why wouldn't you have the last Democratic president - especially one who is such a gifted orator and shrewd operator - speak? For the rest of his life President Clinton is likely to have a spot at Democratic conventions.

The real question is if George W. Bush will be speaking at the Republican convention. Because, you see, unlike President Clinton, President Bush is a disastrously unpopular leader who the nominee is making an almost unprecedented effort to disassociate himself from.

Perhaps the MSM could throw out their woefully outdated "Democratic Disarray" script and do some work for a change.