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Veering Toward "The Center"?

Folks complaining that Sen. Obama is now moving to the center would have more room to speak if he hadn't been at the center all this time. I saw a similar thing happen with Howard Dean (someone whose candidacy I supported). Dean was a centrist governor, even praised by the NRA, who happened to be against the war. Like Obama, once you are against the war - no matter your other moderate positions on the issues - the right and the press consider you a radical liberal, perhaps just a few steps away from someone like Dennis Kucinich. Unlike President Clinton, Sen. Obama isn't seriously moving on any issues. He's been in that center-left position for his whole time on the national scene. Now you may or may not agree with his stance on some issues (I don't like his FISA stance but have little to no problem with everything else), but let's not pretend his position is something it never was.