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The Death Of Conventional Wisdom By A Thousand Cuts

A few weeks ago it was accepted, in the day to day scoring of the presidential campaigns in the media that passes as coverage, that Sen. McCain had scored a hit versus Sen. Obama by apparently goading him into visiting Iraq. It was said that this proved that Obama was weak and bowing to McCain's supposed superiority on the issue.

Now that Sen. Obama is a few days into his trip, the dominant theme is that the trip has made Obama seem more presidential, and the Iraqi prime minister agreeing with him so important that the White House tried to push back the story on behalf of McCain.

It's possible that that perception is also incorrect, and the trip will turn out to be a wash for Sen. Obama. But it shows us once again that the media created narrative is wrong with an alarming frequency. Its only because we now have alternative media outlets that we learn just how wrong they regularly are.