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Matt Taibbi: Is this the end of the GOP's unholy alliance?

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By Ben Cohen

In his latest article, Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone explores why the alliance between the Republican Party and Christian fundamentalists may finally be over. The main cause? John McCain. The Arizona Senator can barely disguise his disdain for the evangelical Christians he has to suck up to, and they know it:

The marriage of fundamentalist Christianity and the conservative
movement has been a powerful force in world affairs. It has been
the best smoke screen the archpriests of supply-side economics
could possibly have had, giving Wall Street a populist in with the
very people victimized the most by their union-busting,
deregulatory policies. It turned out, for decades, that
Bible-thumping Americans didn't mind having their jobs shipped to
China, so long as someone was worrying about the air supply to
Terri Schiavo's brain lump. As political cons go, this was the
ultimate gift that kept on giving.

It all had to end sometime, though, and that sometime might be
now. Nervous, white, sexually inhibited Protestants with
fourth-grade educations are becoming a smaller and smaller share of
the country's population, and the Christian right is increasingly
frustrated with the Republican Party's failure to transform America
into a fundamentalist caliphate. (Forget about abortion: After
eight years of Republican rule, Christians can't even put up the
Ten Commandments in Alabama without someone bitching about
it.) But the last straw just might come down to one Republican
politician's personal idiosyncrasies. All the party needed was one
more pious, Scripture-quoting, hair-spray-soaked whore to hold this
thing together for another four years, and instead they got John
McCain. And John McCain may break up three decades of GOP
Jesus-flogging simply because he is too afraid to get his forehead
wet. Wouldn't that be something? Read the full article.