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Lieberman fearmongering about Iran

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By Ben Cohen

In clip from ABC, Senator Joe Lieberman explains to George Stephanopoulos that Iran "Represents an existential threat to Israel." He goes on to say that  "We’re next! Because Ahmadinejad in Tehran constantly leads the mobs in shouts of death to America. And they mean it."

A quick recap - Iran spends $6 billion/year on its military, while the United States spends $626.1 billion (a mere $620.1 billion more than Iran). The idea that Iran poses some sort of threat to the U.S is therefore laughable, and Lieberman simply cannot be serious.

There seems to be two possible explanations:

1. Senator Lieberman is stupid, and not responsible for what he is saying.
2. Lieberman knows exactly what he is doing, and is deliberately ratcheting up rhetoric to go to war with a country he knows cannot possibly defend itself against the United States. Sound familiar?

Amazingly, Lieberman was once a Democrat.