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Conservatives Compare Train With 727,684 Daily Riders To "Bridge To Nowhere"


Metro at rush hour (Farragut North)

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Tom Coburn. He's the Republican Senator you might remember for forcibly sterilizing his medical patients, claiming gays were part of a mega-conspiracy, and claiming that the nudity in Schindler's List was sexual in nature.

Well now he and his other conservative allies are all a-twitter over a bill collecting all the spending he has blocked over the last year and a half. One of the projects that Coburn and The Heritage foundation are all upset about - and were afforded space in the far right Washington Times to bitch about - was the Metrorail system. Here's the stenography reporting from the Times:

One of the biggest items in the legislation is $1.5 billion for Washington's Metrorail system, which the conservative Heritage Foundation calls the 'biggest earmark in history.' The think tank notes that the project is seven times more expensive than the so-called 'bridge to nowhere' that became a symbol of excessive spending in the last Republican-led Congress.

Yes, friends, the Washington Metro Area rail system - a system that services Maryland, Virginia, and The District Of Columbia to the tune of 727,684 riders on average per day is exactly in the same category as the Republican sponsored Bridge To Nowhere.

Let's go to the tape:

DC Metro

Bridge To Nowhere





Used as a major transportation hub by millions of people in one of the world's major centers of commerce and governance

A useless project in the middle of nowhere

There's nothing good about wasteful spending, especially from the government, but at some point you have to look at what people are actually saying and how it affects the real world and why the kind of people and news organizations that push this trash out on a daily basis should be shunned, ignored, and thrown in the dustbin of history.

(Reader Raphael sent this in)