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Bruce McQuain's Latest Distortion On Obama: Reparations Edition


McQuain at Q and O:

Obama endorses reparations

I pointed out, yesterday, the latest in redistributionist schemes being cooked up ala "global warming". Dale notes that the belief in a Democratic win seems to be bringing these sorts of ideas and potential claims to the fore as they line up for their hopeful piece of the pie.

What did Sen. Obama actually say?

In answering that question and a follow-up on whether he thought reparations were in order for Native Americans and African Americans, Obama gave a nuanced answer.

"The most important thing for the American government to do is not just offer words, but offer deeds," Obama said.

He explained that Native Americans were doing worse than any other group by every measure, including high unemployment rates and living in "deplorable" housing conditions.

"I'm more concerned about delivering a better life," Obama said.

He said as far as reparations were concerned that he was more interested in strategies to lift people up from the legacy of discrimination. Such strategies would include improving inner city schools, so students received a quality education.

Obama also said that programs for health care and education for everyone in America would be among the best way to help disadvantaged individuals because such programs will disproportionally affect and benefit minorities because they are suffering most.

Oh, so, he doesn't support reparations.

ALSO: Instapundit just makes up that Obama said America's history was unusually tragic. He never said that. Of course, it's sort of intriguing that a white upper class male from the south doesn't think there's anything tragic in our history of note. Heh, indeed.