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Advice From The Losing Team

It must be something genetic with conservatives why they are driven to offer up advice. From their side flows a never ending stream of hints and tips and tricks and tactics, and the intriguing part is it doesn't matter what their particular political fortunes are at the moment. Now National Review has a doozy, advising John McCain that in order to defeat Barack Obama he should emulate Hillary Clinton. This is a lot like the 1-15 Miami Dolphins of 2007 offering up playoff advice to the Super Bowl champion NY Giants, but sure, as an Obama supporter I say please listen to them. Because on the last Thursday of August, Sen. Clinton may be in Denver, but she won't be the center of attention. Sen. Obama will be otherwise engaged.

And if McCain follows this strategy (or the current losing path he's on), I'm sure he won't catch a cold on January 20th watching the inauguration on TV.