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Obama is no dove

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By Ben Cohen

Barack Obama was correct about Iraq. It was a stupid idea, executed by stupid people and the consequences have been worse than anyone predicted. Obama was however, wrong about Afghanistan, and is playing a dangerous game when he threatens to shift from one war to another.

Far from being the anti war candidate, Obama is as pro war as John McCain - just not on Iraq. From Robert Scheer on Truthdig:

Obama has one-upped McCain’s bluff to win
in Iraq by raising the prospect of an even more deadly quagmire in
Afghanistan. If his goal was to remind us that Democrats have been more
often the party of irrational wars than the Republicans, he has
succeeded all too well.

Whereas Dwight Eisenhower refused to wage
war against Vietnam and Cuba, it was John Kennedy, that charmer of
change, who launched both of those military disasters. And then there
was that crafty “progressive” Lyndon Baines Johnson, who in order to
defeat Barry Goldwater, the right-wing menace of his day, lied about a
nonexistent attack in the Gulf of Tonkin to justify escalating a war
that killed almost 59,000 Americans and 3.4 million Indochinese. Read full article