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Monbiot Slams U.K's Channel 4

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By Ben Cohen

In a withering piece for the Guardian, environmental journalist George Monbiot slams Channel 4 for it's dubious documentary making on the environment:

So here we go again. For the second time, Channel 4 has been
fiercely criticised by the broadcasting regulator for a programme
attacking environmental science. For the second time, the director was
Martin Durkin.

Ten years ago, his series Against Nature was
found to have misled his interviewees about "the content and purpose of
the programmes" and distorted their views "through selective editing".
Now Ofcom has ruled that the programme he made last year — The Great
Global Warming Swindle — treated two scientists and an organisation
(the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) unfairly. For the
second time, Channel 4 will have to make an embarrassing primetime
apology.