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Delusional Checklist for Republicans

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By Ben Cohen

After 7 1/2 years of Republican rule, there are many conservatives sticking to their principles despite overwhelming evidence that none of their policies work. It would not be unreasonable to describe them as delusional, so I've come up with a check list to determine their sanity. If you believe that the following is true, it may be advisable to seek medical attention:

1. The war in Iraq is winnable
2. That we are fighting Al Qaeda in Iraq
3. John McCain is the best candidate on security
4. We need to go to war with Iran
5. Tax cuts will save the economy
6. The free market will save health care
7. We need less regulation for the financial sector
8. NAFTA and other free trade agreements will provide prosperity for everyone
9. Obama is a socialist
10. You can have a 'War on Terror'

This is of course, satirical, but it still amazes me that the same arguments are being made in public debate. Regular people have suffered through years of this bankrupt ideology, and are clearly eager to move on. Over 80% of the population believe America is on the wrong track, and are growing more and more eager to enact serious change in public policy.

The Republican candidate John McCain has tied himself to all of the above positions, and will deserves to find himself on the receiving end of a political battering this year. Another 4 years of failed policies may break the United States completely, and there must be a concerted effort to stop him. We can start by understanding the problem, and thankfully, we have an enormous amount of evidence to sift through. The current administration's abysmal record is a perfect example of what not to do in government, and it should now be clear that their policies should be banished to the rubbish dump of history.