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Naomi Klein: The disaster capitalists have been busy

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By Ben Cohen

An interesting article from Naomi Klein on the continuation of corporate capitalism in response to rocketing oil and food prices, and the continued neo colonial policies in Iraq:

Once oil passed $140 a barrel, even the most rabidly right-wing media
hosts had to prove their populist cred by devoting a portion of every
show to bashing Big Oil. Some have gone so far as to invite me on for a
friendly chat about an insidious new phenomenon: "disaster capitalism."
It usually goes well--until it doesn't.

For instance, "independent conservative" radio host Jerry Doyle and I
were having a perfectly amiable conversation about sleazy insurance
companies and inept politicians when this happened: "I think I have a
quick way to bring the prices down," Doyle announced. "We've invested
$650 billion to liberate a nation of 25 million people. Shouldn't we
just demand that they give us oil? There should be tankers after tankers
backed up like a traffic jam getting into the Lincoln Tunnel, the
Stinkin' Lincoln, at rush hour with thank-you notes from the Iraqi
government.... Why don't we just take the oil? We've invested it
liberating a country. I can have the problem solved of gas prices coming
down in ten days, not ten years."

There were a couple of problems with Doyle's plan, of course. The first
was that he was describing the biggest stickup in world history. The
second,  that he was too late: "We" are already heisting Iraq's oil, or
at least are on the cusp of doing so. Read more