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Are you bored of Obama vs McCain?

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By Ben Cohen

I've been struggling to blog recently, and have been unable to figure out why. It then dawned on me that I have been suffering from severe campaign fatigue from the Clinton/Obama hullabaloo. An entire year of incessant media coverage and intense scrutiny, I feel like I know Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton more than my own mother.  The truth of it is that I didn't particularly agree with either candidates politics, I just desperately wanted a candidate with a vague moral center who wasn't a Republican. A blind dog with no ears could beat any Republican candidate this time round, and now we have a Democratic nominee, I just don't care about the campaign any more.

John McCain is a decrepit, washed up politician who has sold his moral center to appease the lunatic right that helped elect the last Republican into office. He offers no serious challenge to Barack Obama, and the media's desire to make this into a tight, nailbiting horse race just won't work any more. In truth, the race won't be close, and McCain (barring any terrorist attacks), will hopefully disappear into a retirement home with his tail between his legs.

McCain has boldly pronounced his deep committment to everything Bush stands for, and cannot be taken seriously. However, there is a strong possibility that the media's desire to make this close, could actually make this close. The more they insist it is a 50-50 toss up, the more enthusiastic McCain's supporters will become. Myth could become reality, and we could be lumbered with a 72 year old Grandfather who still believes America should be in Vietnam.

But for now, I'll take some time off the campaign trail. Somebody wake me up when Florida starts to vote.