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Krugman: McCain would represent a third term for Karl Rove

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From the NY Times:

Al Gore never claimed that he invented the Internet. Howard Dean
didn’t scream. Hillary Clinton didn’t say she was staying in the race
because Barack Obama might be assassinated. And Wesley Clark didn’t
impugn John McCain’s military service.

Scott McClellan, the former White House press secretary, titled his
tell-all memoir “What Happened.” But a true account of modern American
politics should be titled “What Didn’t Happen.” Again and again we’ve
had media firestorms over supposedly revealing incidents that never
actually took place.

The latest fake scandal fit the usual
pattern as an awkwardly phrased remark, lifted out of context and
willfully misinterpreted, exploded across the airwaves.

General Clark actually said was that Mr. McCain’s war service, though
heroic, didn’t necessarily constitute a qualification for the
presidency. It was a blunt but truthful remark, and not at all
outrageous — especially given the fact that General Clark is himself a
bona fide war hero.

Yet the Clark affair did reveal something
important — not about General Clark, but about Mr. McCain. Now we know
what a McCain administration would represent: namely, a third term for
Karl Rove. Read more....